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712, 2016

Two arches on the Po. The Mantuan bridge takes shape
Work started on the bridge connecting the municipalities of Bagnolo San Vito
and San Benedetto Po

Work has begun in recent weeks on the restoration of the bridge linking the municipalities of Bagnolo San Vito and San Benedetto Po, in the province of Mantua. At the end of the operation, which [...]

512, 2016

An underground railway to Cefalù
Doubling the carriageway of the Palermo-Messina

The works for the doubling of the Palermo-Messina railway line, in the section between Cefalù and Castelbuono, are coming to life: the intervention, in which Toto Costruzioni participates for 74.11%, will contribute to the rebirth [...]

1911, 2016

Poland Motorway S5: main structures ready in 2017

Toto's construction site in Poland, on the first lot of the S5 motorway near Poznan, is working at full speed. The progress of the works exceeds 30% just over a year after being awarded the [...]

2006, 2016

That “monster” named Martina that seems invented by Jules Verne

Behind the familiar and reassuring name of "Martina" lies a machine with "monstrous" dimensions and power, capable of digging and covering 5000 metres of tunnels in record time, in the most treacherous part of the [...]