Quality of works, environmental protection, worker safety. These are the values that Toto Costruzioni Generali has always pursued and are the basis of the Group’s activities in all its areas of action. In order to promote an even more effective quality, environmental and safety policy, the company has developed a single integrated model that summarises in the same text the procedures provided for by UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards. A handbook tailored to the company’s needs, since it was prepared by a team of internal experts, who in 10 months, gathered the experience of all Toto construction sites to draw up a series of procedures that meet the real needs of the works to be carried out.

Toto Costruzioni Generali operates in line with the following principles to improve the quality of products and services and environmental protection, to prevent pollution and to guarantee the safety of workers:

  • Full compliance with the regulations in force at Community, national and local level
  • Pollution prevention and minimisation of environmental impact
  • Safety and health management system to eliminate or minimise risks to employees and other stakeholders
  • Environmental management system to eliminate, reduce or control the possible negative environmental impact, comply with legal requirements and any other requirements that the company subscribes to
  • Attention to quality, safety and environment extended also to the workers of contractors and subcontractors working on Toto sites.
  • Use of processes, technologies and materials to reduce the consumption of natural resources
  • Minimising the possibility of accidental spillage or spreading of hazardous substances on the ground
  • Restoration of site areas at the end of works, so as to regenerate the territory and leave the environment as close as possible to initial conditions
  • Involvement and motivation of all staff, through information and training operations, on quality and safety issues on construction sites and environmental aspects
  • Involvement of suppliers, contractors and subcontractors in sharing their policies on quality, safety and environment
  • Periodic checks, inspections and internal audits carried out periodically to verify the correct application of the integrated system and prevent any situations of non-compliance
  • Preparation of environmental and safety emergency plans, including accident prevention measures and emergency procedures to mitigate their effects


Toto also undertakes, through its constant dialogue with collaborators and interested parties, to periodically review the validity of the Single Integrated Model in order to keep it consistent with the company spirit.

SOA Certification

Toto S.p.A. is in possession of the SOA certification, which qualifies the company for design and construction projects up to the 8th Classification. It also has 22 categories of entries in various rankings and is classified by classification VIII (unlimited) in 4 categories of general works (OG1, OG3, OG4 and OG9) and 3 categories of specialised works (OS12-A, OS18-A and OS21). The certificate is valid until 05.10.2021 and was issued by SOA Group – Rome on 06.10.2016.

Certificate of Qualification

General Contractor

Toto S.p.A. holds the General Contractor qualification certificate, valid until March 11th, 2021, for classification I (amounts up to 350 million euro), issued on March 12th, 2018 by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

Quality, environment and safety

structuring of the quality, environment and corporate safety system, in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001 – UNI EN ISO 14001 – OHSAS 18001 standards.

Quality, environment and safety policy