Valico Bypass – Lot 13

Lot 13 – Works to upgrade La Quercia-Barberino del Mugello section, between Sasso Marconi and Barberino del Mugello

  • Location: Italy- Tuscany
  • Client: Autostrade per l’Italia S.p.A.
  • Project value: € 261.853.582

This project involves the construction of a new motorway section of approximately 6.2 km comprising a southbound three-lane carriageway in order to be able to use the existing motorway for traffic heading north.

Main works are 3 single-tube tunnels (Manganaccia. Alteta and Puliana) for a total lenght of 3,5 km, an artificial tunnel of 210 m, three viaducts (Lora, Fiumicello, and Sieve) made of steel for an overall lenght of over 1.2 km and a viaduct – named Aglio after the river below – of 598 m. It is constructed by a balanced cantilever casting technique (Dywidag technology). The Aglio viaduct composed of 3 central spans of 148 m and 2 side spans of 77 m. It has central piles with a maximum height of about 80 m.

The total width of the viaduct is 19.70 m, the platform being made up of three lanes, one emergency lane and one for entry.

The deck is made of haunched segments with a length varying between 3.35 m and 4.70 m, and an equally variable height between a minimum of 3 m to a maximum of 7.50 m.