• Location: Italy – Lombardy – Municipality of San Benedetto Po and Municipality of Bagnolo San Vito (Mantua)
  • Client: Mantua Province
  • Project value: € 25,259,000

The project involves upgrading the bridge over the river Po along the Provincial Road (ex-state highway 413 “Romana”) connecting the municipalities of Bagnolo San Vito and San Benedetto Po in Mantua Province.

The new bridge will be formed of two arches. Constructed in Corten steel like the decks, these will be assembled in specially equipped construction sites on the left and right banks of the river Po.

The deck constructed on the left bank, on the side of Bagnolo San Vito, will be 150 metres long, while, on the right bank – in the municipality of San Benedetto Po – a second deck of 180 metres will be assembled.

At the same time, we will build the main pier to support the new bridge on the riverbed.

Overall, the structures will measure approximately 330 metres; the overall weight will be 5,000 tonnes, with the arches around 30-35 metres tall.

The new decks will be installed via a slide and track system positioned both on the ground and on a floating, 60-metre pontoon.

The new bridge will be safe for cyclists, thanks to the creation of two cycling and pedestrian lanes, allowing users to connect with cycle lanes near the two banks.