Doubling of the Cefalù – Castelbuono railway line

  • Location: Italy – Sicily, Municipality of Cefalù
  • Client:  RFI – Rete Ferroviaria Italiana S.p.A.
  • Project value: € 374,549,000

The project involves the executive design and construction of the “railway line doubling” of the Cefalù Ogliastrillo – Castelbuono section, along the Palermo – Messina line.

It is a particularly complex project, which will be implemented with the latest technologies and characterised by works that are almost entirely underground, including the new Cefalù railway station.

The project will make it possible to redefine overall regional planning in one of the most evocative and renowned places on the northern Sicilian coast.

The project focuses on a section approximately 12.3 kilometres long – entirely on double tracks – operating between Ogliastrillo, in the Municipality of Cefalù, and the Castelbuono station, in the Municipality of Pollina.

The excavation of four tunnels is planned: the 6,700-metre, dual-bore Cefalù tunnel; the 4,000-metre, single-bore Sant’Ambrogio tunnel; the 750-metre Sant’Ambrogio tunnel window; and the 150-metre, Malpertugio tunnel window.

To construct the Cefalù tunnel, the longest of the whole project, a single, Single-Shield, Dual Mode Tunnel Boring Machine or TBM will be used, capable of advancing through various different types of terrain.

The construction of the new “Castelbuono Station”, with related roadway access, is also planned.

The project will connect the town of Cefalù more efficiently with Palermo and Falcone Borsellino Airport. In addition, it will free Cefalù town centre and the surrounding area from the intrusion of the surface railway line.