S. Onofrio A3 Salerno – Reggio Calabria Motorway

  • Location: Italy – S. Onofrio
  • Client: Anas S.p.A.
  • Project value: € 94.191.574

Section 3 – Section 2 – Lot 1: from 348+600 km to 359+400 km

Mdernization and upgrading works to Type 1/a of CNR/80 regulations

The project involves the upgrading to three lanes of a section of the A3 Salerno – Reggio Calabria motorway with demolition of existing structures and construction of 8 new viaducts for a total length of approximately 2.8 km, built using steel-concrete composite decks and spans of between 33 and 45 m, seismically isolated using elastic and elastoplastic devices.

The project also involves the building of an alternate route to the existing motorway through the construction of 2 tunnels measuring a total of approximately 1,050 m, in addition it involves the construction of the S. Onofrio interchange, numerous embankment sections and ancillary works such as flyovers, underpasses, overpasses, culverts and walls.