Stura Viaduct

Customer: Autostrada Torino-Savona S.p.A.

Work cost: € 73,181,181,585

A spectacular viaduct that crosses Piedmont’s countryside, the highest in Europe for its construction method. This is the main task of the project, which doubled the motorway site and improved safety in the section between Carmagnola, Priero Tratto Fossano and Priero, between km 43+210 and 49+935 of the A6 Turin – Savona.

The project was divided into two lots: lot 7 provided for the doubling of the motorway lanes for a section of about 6.5 km, with the construction of 7 viaducts for a total length of about 1,950 m, while lot 3 provided for the doubling of the southbound carriageway direction, for a section of about 6,725 m.

The construction of the Stura di Demonte viaduct, named after the stream below, stands out as part of the works carried out on lot 3. The viaduct has a total length of 2,750 m, with 31 bays with over 90 m spans and piles over 80 m high. The deck, made of a mixed steel-concrete structure, is set in place from above – a European record for this type of construction – in order to safeguard the underlying countryside.