Monte di Eboli Photovoltaic Plant

  • Location: Italy – Campania – Monte Eboli (SA)
  • Client: Monteboli S.p.A. (SPV concessionaria del Comune di Salerno)

This is the third largest photovoltaic park in Italy. With a total rated power of 24 MW, the plant is able to produce approximately 33,000 MWh of electricity per year. The 24 MW photovoltaic plant was built at Monte di Eboli, on land measuring a total of 42 hectares and owned by the Municipality of Salerno. Toto Group was awarded the contract for the design, construct and manage the park for a period of nineteen years.

Thanks to the exposure to specific sunlight of polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic modules, the plant transforms solar energy into direct current electrical energy which, when converted into alternating current by electronic devices (inverters), is sold to the ENEL Distribuzione electricity network.

The application of photovoltaic technology allows for the production of electricity without the emission of any pollutants, saving on fossil fuels and without generating any noise pollution. Moreover, renewable sources are always local sources and help reduce the dependence on imported energy.

Their diffusion throughout the area represents a reason for the re-launch of social and economic development on a local and regional basis.