Messina: on the Ritiro viaduct the unloading of the decks is in progress

The restoration work on the Ritiro Viaduct, a fundamental junction linking the built-up area of Messina and the main freeway junctions, has reached its most spectacular and complex phase. Once the reinforcement of the pier foundations had been completed, the deck removal phase was now underway.

Toto’s technicians and workers completely removed the safety barriers from both carriageways and cut the lateral kerbs, using diamond wire. Again using a diamond wire, the slabs on the decks were cut. At this point, the launching wagon came into action, which allows to disassemble, lift and transport to the demolition area the individual beams that make up the deck.

To date, the beams of five spans, the ones farthest from the houses, have been completely removed. The clearance of the houses below will allow in the coming months to complete the stripping of the remaining spans.