Doubling of Cefalù – Castelbuono railway: the TBM delivered

The TBM has disembarked at the port of Termini Imerese where preparation for transport and assembly at the construction site are underway.

Cefalù, July 26th 2021 – Toto Costruzioni Generali, on the occasion of the visit to the Cefalù site by the Undersecretary for Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility, Giancarlo Cancelleri, announces the arrival, at the port of Termini Imerese, of the TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) that will be used as part of the project to double and speed up the Palermo – Messina railway line. The complex operations of preparation and assembly of the TBM have already begun in order to allow the machine to start excavating the two tubes of the Cefalù Tunnel, for a total length of about 13 km. A fundamental work for the completion of the doubling of the Cefalù Ogliastrillo – Castelbuono railway section.

In detail, the railway track relative to the project for doubling the Cefalù Ogliastrillo-Castelbuono section falls entirely within the Province of Palermo, crossing the territories of the municipalities of Cefalù and Pollina and is part of the Palermo – Messina line.

Toto Costruzioni Generali is carrying out the works on behalf of RFI; the project has a total extension of approximately 17 km and is a variant with respect to the old line throughout its development. In addition to the construction of the twin-tube “Cefalù” tunnel, the project also includes the construction of the “Galleria Sant’Ambrogio”, a single-tube, double-track tunnel about 4 km long, and the “Malpertugio” tunnel, about 180 metres long. The latter will be excavated using the traditional method. The project is completed by the stop, which will be built under the town of Cefalù, and the two viaducts connecting the tunnels. The job order has a value of about 380 million euros.

The doubling of the line in the Cefalù area represents an infrastructure of great value in that it will make it possible to improve railway traffic in terms of speed and quality, in an area that is strategic both for tourism and for productive activities.

The TBM, 140 meters long, has a total weight of about 2200 tons for a power of over 5600 kW, was built in the plants of CREG in just 10 months and it took 1 month of navigation to land at the port of Termini Imerese. In about 4 months, the men of Toto Costruzioni Generali will assemble the TBM with the help of impressive lifting equipment. The start of excavation operations is scheduled for the first days of December. The Cefalù mole will be able to advance 14 metres per day and will be assisted by a team of 100 people, including those who will carry out the work underground and on the surface.

A total of more than 400 workers and approximately 30 highly qualified technicians will be employed on the project, and the completion date is set for April 2024.