Martignano Tunnel

S.S. 47 Valsugana (TN)

A double barrel tunnel was built under the village of Martignano (TN), each barrel 2,750 m long, excavated with a mechanised system and cladding with prefabricated reinforced concrete elements, 40 cm thick and 1,50 m long. This was the first great work of prestige carried out by “Tecla”, a 12-metre drill, the largest one ever used in Italy up until then: with an excavation diameter of 12.05 m, a total length of 130 m, an installed power of about 5 MW, it was able to dig and cover an average of 16 m/day of tunnel. The use of the “Tecla” Mole has halved tunnel construction times compared to those carried out using traditional excavation techniques.


Tecla “TBM numbers

Digging diameter: 12.06 m

Total length: 130 m

Excavation area: 60 m³

Total weight: 370 t

Total installed capacity: 5 MW