Government management Ferrovia Sangritana

Customer: Ministry of Transport

Work cost: € 98,804,805

This project, completed in 2004, involved the construction of about 10 km of a new railway line in Abruzzo, on the section between the town of San Vito Chietino and the city of Lanciano, and that of the railway line that extends from Val di Sangro to the station of Archi, for a further 10 km.

On the San Vito Chietino-Lanciano section, the main works are the three viaducts, which have a total length of 1,200 m, the new station of Lanciano, the workshop depot and the relative connecting road, built in the viaduct.

Between the station of Archi and the intersection with the existing railway line in Val di Sangro, the project extended for another 9.5 km over a predominantly flat landscape: 5 viaducts were built in pre-compressed reinforced concrete and numerous completion works were carried out.