A3 Salerno – Reggio Calabria – from km 44+100 to km 47+800 (including the Contursi junction)

Customer: Anas S.p.A.

Work cost: €154,724,751

The project involved the construction of about 7.5 km of a new section of motorway and included a series of works that made the road system safer and smoother. In this section, two tunnels were built: the Sagginara, formed by two arches of 368 m each, and the Serrone Tondo, again with a double arch, 996 m long and completed by artificial entrances with a total length of 560 m. The work was completed with the Sele viaduct, about 190 m long for each carriageway, and the FS viaduct, about 92 m long, both made of mixed steel-concrete structures. Finally, a 1.5 km long junction ramp, including the two viaduct sections, respectively 190 m and 92 m long.


A3 Salerno – Reggio Calabria – from km 8+100 to km 13+100 South carriageway

Customer: Anas S.p.A.

Work cost: €67,387,198

The aim of this project was to build a new section of the motorway in the Pontecagnano area, for a total of 5.7 km. The main elements are the two tunnels, Vetrano 1, 780 m long and Vetrano 2, about 700 m long, and the viaducts Fuorni and Piacentino Nord and Sud. The Fuorni viaduct, about 240 m long, was made of pre-stressed reinforced concrete, using the balanced cantilever casting technique, and is seismically insulated by means of elastic devices. The Piacentino Nord and Sud viaducts, each 60 m long, were built using steel-concrete mixed-section decks, which were also seismically insulated. The project included hydraulic manholes, underpasses and overpasses to overcome interference with the various municipal roads, which intersect the main road.


A3 Salerno – Reggio Calabria – from km 348+600 to km 359+400

Customer: Anas S.p.A.

Work cost: €94,191,574

This project can be summed up as follows: to transform 10 km of motorway already in use, increasing the number of lanes to 3, by demolishing the existing structures and constructing new ones. This imposing intervention in the area of Cassino, which involved the construction of 8 viaducts (2.800 m in total), 2 tunnels (1.280 m) and a series of interchanges, flyovers, underpasses and overpasses contributed to improve the road system. The characteristic element – besides being spectacular – is given by the 8 viaducts: 5 of them have been made with steel-concrete mixed section decks with spans measuring between 33 to 45 m, while the other 3 are made of pre-stressed reinforced concrete. All are seismically insulated using plastic and elasto-plastic devices.

The work also included the two Motta Nord and Sud tunnels, built using traditional excavation techniques as a variant of the existing road surface, for a total length of approximately 1.050 km. The S. Onofrio junction completes the project.


A3 Salerno – Reggio Calabria – from km 40+100 to km 44+100

Customer: Anas S.p.A.

Work cost: €94,684,102

This project involved the construction of a section of motorway as a variant to the existing one. The work included a tunnel, numerous sections of road embankment and completion works such as underpasses, overpasses and junctions. The Serralunga tunnel is a double barrel tunnel, built using traditional excavation techniques and is about 2 km long.


A3 Salerno – Reggio Calabria – consolidation and restructuring work

Customer: Anas S.p.A.

Work cost: €18,863,040

In this case, Toto Costruzioni was not constructing a motorway section, but solving an urgent problem on 4 viaducts between km 203+196 and 286+700. The intervention was necessary because of the particular geographical shape of the area, which put the stability of the viaducts at risk in the event of an earthquake. The engineers had to carry out both seismic adjustment and redevelopment of the 4 viaducts with the construction of a series of continuous slabs (concrete slabs). The shoulder structures were consolidated through new supporting devices, joints and anti-seismic devices, while a unique technique in Europe was used for the first time for static consolidation: external additional pre-stressing.