Expressway S5 Poznań – Wrocław (Poland)

Customer: GDDKiA (general direction of the Polish roads)

Work cost: € 123,000,000

An ambitious project, which makes the range of Toto Costruzioni Generali more and more international. In 2015, the Group beat 12 major competitors and won the contract for the construction of the Expressway S5 Poznań-Wrocław, one of the great works wanted by the Polish government.

A vital junction for the future viability of the country, because it will connect the S5, which cuts Poland from North to South, with the A2, the great motorway that goes from East to West, connecting Germany to Belarus on the European Route E30. The important junction between the two arteries (Gluchowo node) will also reduce the current traffic volumes of the old roads that cross the residential areas around Poznań, with all the problems that result for the residents.

The project involves the construction of about 16 km of dual carriageway expressway with two lanes in each direction and emergency lanes. Overall, 17 bridges and viaducts will be built (5 of which are steel-concrete and 6 will have a post-tensioned unicellular box) plus 3 junctions, those of Konarzewo, Steszew and Wronczyn. Two rest areas and service areas will also be built. Moreover, the project includes the construction of all the drainage, green areas, road safety, secondary lighting and road works. All works are carried out respecting the environment and the animals living in the territory.