Pescara – Francavilla

Customer: Anas S.p.A.

Work cost: €45,445,315 (Pescara variant) and €180,773,764 (Francavilla variant)

This project, which was completed in 2003, was carried out on several lots of the S.S. 16 “Adriatica” and provided the construction of the Francavilla a Mare variant, joining the Pescara variant to the Ortona variant.

In the case of the Pescara variant, a four-lane road has been built, consisting of five viaducts with relative ramps of access raised, for more than 6,700 m of deck bridges. The new road network is completed by a 120 m long tunnel and other collateral works. This variant has allowed traffic to avoid the city of Pescara and connects the motorways A14 Adriatica with the A25 to Rome.

In the area of Francavilla, instead, the 9.3 km variant consists of two natural tunnels 5,543 m long, four viaducts with a total length of 584 m made of pre-stressed reinforced concrete beams, as well as interchanges and a connecting road. For this last work, an artificial tunnel of 272 m was excavated and some viaducts were built, which have a total development of 715 m.