E45 Orte – Ravenna

This project involved the construction of a new section of the E45, the main link between Romagna and the Tyrrhenian coast. Toto Costruzioni’s intervention concerned the province of Forlì, near the centre of Valbiano, Lago di Quarto and Taibo.

The main works of the project are 9 viaducts, with a total length of 11,700 m, one of which was built with a mixed steel-concrete system; two natural tunnels for a total of 5,050 m; an artificial tunnel and a series of completion works.

The construction of the two side-by-side tunnels represented a real challenge from the technological point of view: Toto Costruzioni’s engineers had to face and solve a series of problems caused by the particular geo-mechanical characteristics of the landscape crossed. The tunnel excavation was carried out mainly by explosive means, with immediate consolidation along the cavities, carried out using fibre-reinforced shotcrete (a special concrete made more resistant by the addition of steel, glass and propylene fibres), radial anchoring bolts and metal ribs, which provided the tunnel with a particularly resistant internal lining. The excavation of the two tunnel barrels, each about 2,500 m long, was carried out using a traditional method, given the consistency of the mass crossed by the tunnel.