(Saoufar – Mdeirej East Section)

Customer: Republic of Lebanon

Work cost: €52,400,771

This project marked Toto’s entry into the international construction market: in 1997 the Group won the contract to build a motorway in Lebanon, which included the highest viaduct in the Middle East. The section concerned was between the inhabited areas of Saoufar and Mdeirej.

The main elements of the project are the two viaducts, which have the peculiarity of reaching very high heights, as they connect very deep valleys. Both were built with a reinforced concrete structure and pre-compressed reinforced concrete beams, prefabricated on site. The Mdeirej viaduct consists of 11 spans of 40 m and piles up to 70 m high. The Grand Hotel viaduct has 8 spans with light and a maximum height of 40 m.

Another characteristic feature of the project is the large rock trench that has been created to allow the passage of the motorway: an imposing task, which involved the excavation of 1,800,000 m³ of rock with the use of mechanical and explosive devices.