Martignano Tunnel

Customer: Autonomous Province of Trento

Work cost: € 111,220,567

Doubling of the S.S. 47 of the Valsugana in the segment between Ponte Alto – Trento Nord (Martignano Variant)

This project, completed in 2007, envisaged the construction of a new road system, an alternative to the already existing State Road S.S. 47, near Trento. To do this, Toto’s engineers planned two tunnels, each using a different technology. The main work is the Martignano Tunnel, with a double arch, 2.750 m long, excavated with a mechanized system and covered with prefabricated reinforced concrete elements, 40 cm thick and 1.5 m long. The “Tecla” cutter was used for this job, a machine with a digging diameter of 12.05 m and an installed power of about 5MW.

In addition to the tunnel that runs under the village of Martignano, the project also included a second tunnel, excavated using the traditional method, for a total length of 305 m. The new road network was completed with some by-passes and other completion works.