For over fifty years, Toto Costruzioni Generali has been designing and building large infrastructures for main public and private clients, both in Italy and abroad. The company’s main activities are concentrated on constructing works such as Roads and motorways, with the objective of improving and increasing the growth of infrastructures in countries, territories and communities.

Toto Costruzioni is specialized in tunnelling, both with traditional methods and TBM, and in the construction of large bridges and viaducts, in metal carpentry, using segment technology or beams for large spans in prestressed concrete. The company builds and designs with cutting-edge technical solutions, using the best technologies offered on the market.

Due to its industrial development, the company has moved from the role of simple contractor to that of EPC Contractor, for the realization of complex “turn-key” projects. Toto Costruzioni works on behalf of public and private clients such as ANAS, Autostrade per l’Italia S.p.A., Ferrovie dello Stato and Local Authorities.

Messina – Palermo 

A/20 Ritiro Viaduct –  Work In Progress

With this project, Toto was awarded the contract for the work of static adjustment and seismic improvement of the Ritiro Viaduct on the A20 motorway connecting Messina to Palermo.

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Complanari di Roma

Motorway A24

Making traffic flow smoother in a key point to enter and exit Rome, thus improving the lives of motorists who travel daily along the urban stretch of the A24, the motorway segment that leads to the heart of the city.

Variante di Valico

Autostrada del Sole

The Variante di Valico crosses two regions (Tuscany and Emilia Romagna), two provinces (Florence and Bologna) and eight municipalities, for a total of about 58 km. The aim of the project is to modernize the Autostrada del Sole in the Florence-Bologna tract, straddling the Apennines: one of the busiest areas in Italy and one of the most exposed to seismic risks.

Poznań – Wrocław

Expressway S5 

An ambitious project, which makes the range of Toto Costruzioni Generali more and more international. In 2015, the Group beat 12 major competitors and won the contract for the construction of the Expressway S5 Poznań-Wrocław, one of the great works wanted by the Polish government.


S.S. 1 Aurelia Aurelia

Variante S.S. 1 

This project involves the construction of the variant to the SS1 Aurelia (Aurelia bis) from the port of La Spezia, to allow traffic to flow easier in a very delicate area, due to its particular geographic conformation.

Salerno – Reggio Calabria

Motorway A3

The aim of this project, divided into several lots and completed in 2007, was to make a section of the Salerno-Reggio Calabria motorway more modern and usable, the main link between Central and Southern Italy, which crosses geographically very different areas, some of which are at high seismic risk. In total, about 7 km of tunnels and 8 km of viaducts were built.

Martignano Tunnel

S.S. 47

This project, completed in 2007, envisaged the construction of a new road system, an alternative to the already existing State Road S.S. 47, near Trento. To do this, Toto’s engineers planned two tunnels, each using a different technology.

Pescara – Francavilla

S.S. 16 “Adriatica”

This project, which was completed in 2003, was carried out on several lots of the S.S. 16 “Adriatica” and provided the construction of the Francavilla a Mare variant, joining the Pescara variant to the Ortona variant.

Lebanon Border Highway

This project marked Toto’s entry into the international construction market: in 1997 the Group won the contract to build a motorway in Lebanon, which included the highest viaduct in the Middle East.

Turin – Savona

Stura Viaduct

A spectacular viaduct that crosses Piedmont’s countryside, the highest in Europe for its construction method. This is the main task of the project, which doubled the motorway site and improved safety in the section between Carmagnola, Priero Tratto Fossano and Priero, between km 43+210 and 49+935 of the A6 Turin – Savona.


S.S. 3

This work involved the construction of a section of State Road S. S. 3 Flaminia, between the area of Rome Prima Porta and the Grande Raccordo Anulare. The section that goes from the exit for Prima Porta to the Flaminio cemetery is about 2.5 km long and has the peculiarity of being along the banks of the Tiber river and skirting them with a long viaduct, which follows the sinuous course of the river.

Orte – Ravenna


This project involved the construction of a new section of the E45, the main link between Romagna and the Tyrrhenian coast. Toto Costruzioni’s intervention concerned the province of Forlì, near the centre of Valbiano, Lago di Quarto and Taibo.