Toto boasts a consolidated experience in the design and construction of bridges and viaducts, a sector in which the company employs the most modern construction techniques and the most advanced technologies on the market.

For the construction of bridges and viaducts, the company uses prefabricated solutions, such as pre-compressed reinforced concrete beams with large spans, made directly in its own factories, continuous piles in metal carpentry, and “push” or “cantilever” construction methods, improved by the most modern Dywidag technology.

Viadotto Aglio

Aglio Viaduct

A1 Variante di Valico – Lot 13

The Aglio viaduct has a total length of 598 m, developed with 3 central spans of 148 m and 2 side spans of 77 m. It is made with a balanced cantilever casting technique (Dywidag technology) and has central piles with a maximum height of about 80 m.

Mdeirej Viaduct

Hadath – Syrian Border Highway (Lebanon)

The Mdeirej viaduct has a total length of 430 m divided into 11 spans of 40 m, with separate decks and substructures for each carriageway. It is built with prefabricated beams made continuous through solidarisation in place, and crosses a wide and deep valley in straight line with the central piles at a considerable height of about 70 m maximum.

Stura Viaduct

A6 Turin – Savona – Carmagnola tract – Priero

The viaduct has an overall length of 2.750 m, with a continuous beam of 31 spans with a light of 70 metres for the end spans and 90 metres for all the others. The piles of the viaduct have a variable height of up to about 80 m.

Reno Viaduct

A1 Variante di Valico – Lot 1

The bridge over the Reno is made up of two viaducts, each 573 metres long with nine spans, supported by six vertical piles with standard characteristics and by two double arms in a V shape, placed in frieze at the river bed, with a span of 135 metres.

Al Reem Bridges

United Arab Emirates

Toto points to the United Arab Emirates, studying an arched solution for the Al Reem bridges (Abu Dhabi

Messina – Palermo

Ritiro Viaduct  A/20 – Work In progress

With this project, Toto won the contract for the static upgrading and seismic improvement works of the Ritiro viaduct on the A20 motorway linking Messina to Palermo.