Between Lazio, Marche and Abruzzo. A new state road Picente after the earthquake

A work of fundamental importance for the connections in the whole area of Central Italy and in particular in the areas recently hit by the earthquake is about to start.

The executive project was delivered on time by Anas and is in the process of being approved. The work, worth a total of €61 million, involves a 6.4 km section of State Road 260 “Picente” between the municipalities of Montereale and Capitignano, in the province of L’Aquila. The state road, which connects the capital of Abruzzo to the Adriatic Sea, bypassing the Gran Sasso massif, crosses the epicentres of the most devastating earthquakes of recent years and is in need of modernisation to bring it up to C2 category road standards.

Toto, in charge of the works, presented a project to adapt the roadway to a total of 9.5 metres, by means of two 3.5-metre lanes, one in each direction, and 1.25-metre sidewalks. Among the variant works, there is a 1148 m tunnel, to be built near the village of Marana, which provides an emergency tunnel of about 4 meters in diameter, to be excavated with the help of a TBM. Four new bridges and a viaduct, for a total of 300 meters, will be built with precast reinforced concrete beams and will be adapted to the latest anti-seismic standards. A new layer of draining asphalt, new traffic circles and junctions with the main population centers will complete a long-awaited work, which will be completed in 36 months from delivery, expected by the end of the year.