Messina breathes for the Ritiro viaduct

Work continues on the A20 Palermo-Messina freeway, which over the next few months will improve the lives of many motorists, making traffic flow more smoothly on a particularly delicate stretch of road in Messina. Toto Costruzioni’s intervention focuses on the stretch between Tremestieri and Villafranca, the real backbone of the city’s traffic. This is where the Ritiro Viaduct is located, which connects the freeway with the Giostra and Annunziata districts and, at the same time, directs car traffic towards the port area. Thanks to the static adjustment and seismic improvement of the viaduct, it will be possible to upgrade the road section, until now limited to one lane per direction, due to the deteriorated condition of the structure.

The current viaduct will be reinforced by replacing the pre-stressed reinforced concrete components with corten steel components, while a mixed steel-concrete material will be used for the new decks.

The demolition and launching of the new decks, up to a height of 60 meters, will be carried out minimizing interference with city traffic and ensuring at least one two-way roadway for the entire duration of the works.