The rebirth of Cefalù: the doubling of the railway is underway

Work on doubling the Palermo-Messina railway is now in full swing, in the stretch between Cefalù and Castelbuono: the intervention, in which Toto Costruzioni has a 74.11% share, will contribute to the rebirth of the splendid town of Cefalù, which, thanks to a more efficient connection with the capital and the “Falcone-Borsellino” airport, will make its artistic and natural beauty more accessible to tourists.

A particularly articulated project, the one underway in Sicily, which employs the most advanced technologies to redesign the face of the railway line that connects some of the most beautiful places on the north coast of the island. Overall, work is being carried out on a stretch of approximately 12.3 km, on which a double-track variant will be built, with the excavation of 3 tunnels (Cefalù, Sant’Ambrogio and Malpertugio).

A single dual-mode TBM (i.e. with the possibility of excavating in both open and EPB mode) will be used to build the Cefalù tunnel, while an open-type TBM will be used to excavate the S. Ambrogio tunnel. The works include the underground stop at Cefalù, along the tunnel of the same name, for which a drainage tunnel using microtunnelling technology is planned.

Numerous open-air works are also planned, including the new Castelbuono station and a new electrical substation in the Carbone area. At the end of the works, the level crossing along the SS113 “Settentrionale Sicula” will be eliminated at the gates of the town center for those coming from Palermo. In addition, the current surface track of the railway will disappear, which breaks the urban fabric of Cefalù and has until now conditioned the urban development.