Since 2009, with the establishment of the Renewable Energy division and even more so since 2011, with the founding of the company Renexia, Toto made its entry into a new industrial sector. A young and motivated team has contributed with competence and passion to the development of an area in rapid and constant transformation, in order to be able to better meet the demand for technological services in infrastructural, industrial and civil construction. A sector that has led the Toto Group to conquer the US energy market, with the construction and management of the Maryland wind farm, the largest in the country.

A specialised business unit focuses on the development of wind and photovoltaic technology (both Ground Mounted and on buildings). As in all its activities, Toto proposes itself both as investor and sponsor of entrepreneurial initiatives and as EPC Contractor with high profile interdisciplinary projects.

The portfolio of projects in the photovoltaic sector includes, in addition to the Monte Eboli park, another 3 plants in Abruzzo: in the Manoppello area, a rooftop and a ground plant in the freight village area, for a total of about 4 MWp each, and a ground plant in Villa Uliveti, for about 3.5 MWp.

The portfolio of projects in the wind power sector is particularly prestigious: in addition to the Maryland plant, Toto is also present in Tunisia with Med Wind; while in Italy, 7 power plants have been built, 4 of which in Apulia (Foggia, Lucera, Troia and Alberona) and 3 in Campania (Casalduni, Santa Croce del Sannio and Castelfranco in Miscano).

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 07.04.51 Photovoltaic plant of Monte Eboli

Customer: Monteboli S.p.A. (SPV concessionaire of the Municipality of Salerno)

Work cost: € 72,202,000

The spectacular photovoltaic park of Monte Eboli is the third largest in Italy: with a total nominal power of 24 MW, it is able to produce about 33,000 MWh of electricity per year.