Real estate complex “Agorà” – Municipality of Chieti

Customer: Ambra S.r.l.

Work cost: € 26,270,000


The project involved the construction of a building complex in the city centre of Chieti Scalo, consisting of 80 housing units and a series of commercial premises. An entirely pedestrian square is dominated by two 8-storey buildings, surrounded by some lower buildings. The underground floor houses parking spaces and garages for the houses above. The ground floor, at square level, is a commercial area crossed along its side buildings by a large portico. The mezzanine floor is intended for offices, while the remaining floors are home to prestigious houses with high quality systems and finishings. All structures comply to seismic standards.

With this project, which fits harmoniously and rationally into the existing urban fabric, the centre of Chieti Scalo has been renewed.