Building in full respect of the environment, using the most advanced technologies: this is the philosophy behind Toto Costruzioni Generali’s activities, ready to respond to every need also in the industrial and residential building sector.

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Real estate complex “Agorà” – Municipality of Chieti

Customer: Ambra S.r.l.

Work cost: € 26,270,000

The project involved the construction of a building complex in the city centre of Chieti Scalo, consisting of 80 housing units and a series of commercial premises. An entirely pedestrian square is dominated by two 8-storey buildings, surrounded by some lower buildings.

Val Pescara freight village

Abruzzo Region

The project, completed in 2013, involved the construction of new pavilions for the expansion of the Val Pescara freight village, on a total surface area of about 45,000 m³, plus a management centre of about 2,600 m³ and three warehouses, for a total of about 21,000 m³ of covered area.

Parking lots

Municipality of Chieti

The aim of this project was to build a public transport garage and an integrated parking system. The result was an 8-storey building with a total height of 32 m, which houses the garage on a total covered area of 22,500 m³, obtaining 669 parking spaces.

“Alcione” Complex

San Lazzaro di Savena

A real estate complex for residential use was created in this project, characterized by 8 two-family houses, 3 three-family houses and 2 four-family homes. All houses are equipped with garage, private garden and parking space on common roads.

“Il Rubino” Complex


Municipality of Chieti

The project involved the construction of a building complex consisting of 22 housing units, 6 private offices, 3 commercial spaces and 2 underground floors used as car parks. The building also has an internal courtyard with exclusive parking spaces and a common garden.