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Between Lazio, Marche and Abruzzo
A new Picente highway after the earthquake

By | ottobre 12th, 2017|Azienda, News e Comunicati, Titoli Home|

A new project of fundamental importance to connection the whole area of Central Italy and, in particular, the areas recently hit by the earthquakes. The executive project has been delivered within the deadline specified by Anas and is being approved. The work, worth a a total of 61 million euros, concerns a 6.4 km stretch [...]

Motorway D1 Prague-Brno
Works entrusted to Toto

By | ottobre 12th, 2017|Azienda, News e Comunicati, Titoli Home|

After an investigation lasting more than a year, Toto SpA Costruzioni Generali, together with its local partner Geosan Group, won an important contract with the Czech Road Administration (RSD) for the modernization of a lot of the D1 motorway between Prague and Brno in the Czech Republic. The section in question, which extends from exit [...]

The rebirth of Cefalù
Doubling the railway

By | ottobre 11th, 2017|News e Comunicati, Titoli Home|

The works for the doubling of the Palermo-Messina railway line, in the section between Cefalù and Castelbuono, are coming to life: the intervention, in which Toto Costruzioni participates for 74.11%, will contribute to the rebirth of the splendid town of Cefalù, which, thanks to a more efficient connection with the capital and the airport "Falcone-Borsellino", [...]

Aurelia, the La Spezia Variant takes shape

By | dicembre 14th, 2016|Focus, News e Comunicati, Titoli Home|

Toto Costruzioni's works on the La Spezia Variant, already completed for about one third, are proceeding rapidly. The extensive intervention on the State Road Aurelia will re-design the traffic flow to the Ligurian city's port, so as to improve the lives of the many motorists who every day travel along the stretch that connects [...]

Messina breathes thanks to the Ritiro viaduct

By | dicembre 10th, 2016|News e Comunicati, Titoli Home|

Work continues on the A20 Palermo-Messina Motorway, which will improve the lives of many motorists in the coming months, making traffic flow easier in a particularly delicate section of the Messina road network. Toto Costruzioni's work focuses on the section between Tremestieri and Villafranca, the real backbone of urban traffic. Here is the Ritiro Viaduct, [...]

Two arches on the Po. The Mantuan bridge takes shape
Work started on the bridge connecting the municipalities of Bagnolo San Vito
and San Benedetto Po

By | dicembre 7th, 2016|Focus, News e Comunicati, Titoli Home|

Work has begun in recent weeks on the restoration of the bridge linking the municipalities of Bagnolo San Vito and San Benedetto Po, in the province of Mantua. At the end of the operation, which will last a little less than two years, the bridge will look completely new and it will be easier for [...]