Toto, the best construction company
where to work in Italy

By | novembre 17th, 2017|Azienda, Home 3, News e Comunicati, Rassegna Stampa|

A survey conducted by Statista for Panorama puts the company from Abruzzo in first place in terms of quality of work perceived by employees in the construction sector of major works. One of the world's largest statistical agencies has conducted a survey for the weekly magazine Panorama on where employees and managers are most satisfied. [...]

Poland, the S5 motorway at a turning point
Respected forecasts, target in 2018

By | ottobre 13th, 2017|Azienda, News e Comunicati|

With 60% progress, the 16 km double carriageway motorway to the south of Poznan is proceeding at a fast pace. Toto's technicians and workers, both Italian and Polish, work hard on all fronts, from earth movements to the finishing of works of art, particularly delicate and complex interventions in a wooded area that the European [...]

Between Lazio, Marche and Abruzzo
A new Picente highway after the earthquake

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A new project of fundamental importance to connection the whole area of Central Italy and, in particular, the areas recently hit by the earthquakes. The executive project has been delivered within the deadline specified by Anas and is being approved. The work, worth a a total of 61 million euros, concerns a 6.4 km stretch [...]

Motorway D1 Prague-Brno
Works entrusted to Toto

By | ottobre 12th, 2017|Azienda, News e Comunicati, Titoli Home|

After an investigation lasting more than a year, Toto SpA Costruzioni Generali, together with its local partner Geosan Group, won an important contract with the Czech Road Administration (RSD) for the modernization of a lot of the D1 motorway between Prague and Brno in the Czech Republic. The section in question, which extends from exit [...]

Variante di Valico, il mega progetto che ha cambiato l’Autostrada del Sole

By | dicembre 20th, 2016|Azienda|

Il mega progetto della Variante di Valico aveva come obiettivo quello di migliorare la viabilità e la percorrenza di una delle arterie autostradali  più importanti d'Italia, la A1 meglio nota come "Autostrada del  Sole". L'autostrada che collega il Sud e il Nord del Paese. Toccando le principali città d'Italia; Napoli, Roma, Firenze, Bologna e Milano. [...]

That “monster” named Martina that seems invented by Jules Verne

By | giugno 20th, 2016|Azienda, News e Comunicati|

Behind the familiar and reassuring name of "Martina" lies a machine with "monstrous" dimensions and power, capable of digging and covering 5000 metres of tunnels in record time, in the most treacherous part of the Apennines, where abrasive rocks, braking clays and firedamp joints represent real risks, constantly around the corner. The Tunnel Boring Machine [...]