January 31st,  2018 – The construction works, relating to the invitation to tender for the lot Valico (Radimero) on the Tortona/Novi Ligure – Genoa railway line, were entrusted to the group of companies comprising Toto Costruzioni Generali (58%) and Seli Overseas (42%) with a bid of nearly 190 million euro. A contract was signed in Genoa with COCIV, General Contractor responsible for the design and construction of the Terzo Valico dei Giovi, the new railway route that will connect the port area of Genoa to Turin and Milan on the Corridor Rhine-Alpine.

The two Italian companies, both specialized in the mechanized excavation of tunnels, have been entrusted with the assignment of the lot called Radimero, which extends for about 7.7 km underground and consists of a double barrel tunnel with an internal diameter of 8.6 m. The two tunnels will be excavated using two EPB TBMs with a diameter of 9.77 m, capable of supporting the excavation front with the back-pressure of the excavated ground, a methodology that allows to safely overcome the most unstable geological sections, with the presence of water and loose materials.

This work, which is expected to last 33 months, particularly delicate and of great strategic value, will complete a further segment of the maxi railway project called the Terzo Valico di Giove. A new high-speed line with a high capacity of 53 kilometres that crosses the provinces of Genoa and Alessandria, included in 2001 among the strategic infrastructures of pre-eminent national interest.

This work is all the more strategic because it is part of the Corridor Rhine-Alpine, one of the corridors of the Trans-European Network Transport (TEN-T core network), a railway line that will connect the most inhabited European regions with an industrial vocation, between the ports of Genoa and Rotterdam. This is an eco-sustainable project, because it will allow a substantial share of freight traffic to be transferred from road to rail, in line with what was recently ratified by the European Union with the Faro Europa 2020 initiative.

For Toto, this is the second railway project currently under way in Italy, after the one in Sicily, at Cefalù, for the doubling of the Palermo-Messina segment, also largely and built through tunnels with the help of two TBMs. In addition to the increase in the Group’s portfolio of business in Italy, the Group is continuing its strategy of expansion in foreign markets such as Poland, the Czech Republic and Norway. Countries where the company is already active with projects in progress are Poland, where it is building about 15 km of new motorway, and the Czech Republic, where it is engaged in the construction of a motorway lot linking Prague to Brno. New appointments are expected in 2018.

Seli Overseas, an Italian company specialized in tunnelling, has developed exclusively abroad with construction sites in the United States, South America, the Middle East and Asia. The COCIV job order marks the entrance into the Italian market thanks to the new procurement code that finally rewards the innovation and technical capacity of the company.